Fall Retreat
November 1-3
Camp Dixie

Our Fall Retreat is an incredible opportunity for you to experience the joy of a relationship with Christ. It's a chance to step away from the busyness of your schedule and encounter the ways God is working in your life. All students are welcome.

Men's retreat (dates TBD)

In today's world, men of virtue are disappearing. Much in our culture is steering men away from growing into the real men God designed them to be. Pride, apathy, and an imbalance of relational priority lead the charge against heroic virtue.


On this weekend retreat, we will break open the attacks men are facing, and talk practically about how to point ourselves toward Christ. Through fellowship, prayer, grilled meat, obstacle courses, bonfires and more, we'll strive for holiness together. Our world needs courageous men. Holy men. Saints. 

Women's Retreat (Dates tbd)

This years women's retreat was a weekend of prayer, praise, community, and utter goofiness. Over 50 girls from all four grade levels spent 3 days in Gulf Shores at St. Thomas by the Sea to come together in what it truly means to be a woman rooted in the Lord. This means a woman rooted in prayer, who knows she is loved, loves others well and also a woman who knows how to dance, hit piñatas, and play hard on the beach. Our theme for this year was "Domini Quo Vadis" which means "Lord where are you going". We spent the weekend seeking to know where the Lord is calling each of us to better follow Him in our everyday lives. We cannot wait to see where He takes us this upcoming year!

senior men's & women's retreats

These overnight retreats are for our senior students as they are challenged to be leaders in the faith starting with their senior year.