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OUR Team:
Trey Krause

Campus Minister

Theology Teacher


My nickname is Trey because I’m the 3rd, but my real name is Stephen. When I was a kid I fell through a glass coffee table. Now my right eyebrow is forever split #ScarLife. My fam is SMALL, but I love ‘em and I’m ridiculously grateful for them. No joke: I have one sister who looks younger, is older, and also teaches theology at a Catholic high school and I have two cousins. Total. 
I love traveling. I’ve been to 25 countries and counting, but my favorite spot is the mountains. I’m a rabid sports fan. LSU, Navy, Saints, Spurs, Bayern Munich, and always the Braves. As far as food, I ain’t picky y’all. Also I love coffee. Coffee is good, true and beautiful. I also love music. It’s one of my favorite ways to pray and to relax. I started playing guitar in the 9th grade and singing sometime later. I played most brass instruments, too, and went to college on a music scholarship. A big dream of mine is to get some of my closest musician friends together and record a worship album. Music has helped me pray, and I know it can help others go deeper in prayer too. 
I went to McT (s/o class of 2010) so working here is home. I want to work in ministry/teach because I want YOU to know the POWER of the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. He is it, he’s everything, and he wants to give you the fullness of life. Keep fighting the good fight y’all. One step at a time. Don’t settle for mediocrity, because that’s not you, you are good. AMDG.

// “He seeks us before we dream of seeking him; he knocks before we invite him in; he loves us before we respond.” // Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Lauren Alley

Campus Minister

Theology Teacher


When I am not in school everyone calls me lalley or Lo. I am one of four siblings in an incredible family I love everything about camping and adventuring. I believe that beauty will in fact change the world. I am incredibly competitive and a pretty bad loser. I hate tomatoes. I hate running. I love chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I pretend to hate the South but I secretly like it. My dream is to open a coffee shop ministry with my best pal for teens that are released from jail. I slammed my head on a coffee table and now have to work to remember things. I can’t stand when people have their windshield wipers on faster than they need to be. I became a teacher because I wanted students to have someone to believe in them and prove to them they are worth loving regardless of their circumstances. I freaking love working for y’all and I’m not even just saying that. “If we do not play in the dangerous surf, we will drown in puddles.”


// Michael O’Brien. Always grateful for people who love to join me in taking great risks to become what Christ has called us to be. Peace friends.

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